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Festo Vacuum suction cup VAS-15-1/8-SI-B ; 1376604

VAS-15-1/8-SI-B Part no. 1376604 Sturdy and reliable Suction cups with fixed connecting thread 11 suction cup diameters Round suction cup shape, bellows Vacuum port
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Festo Vacuum generator OVEM ; 539074

Pure process reliability: OVEM monitors the set evacuation and ejection times for the cycle. Automatic fault notification included. Can be controlled conveniently
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Festo Vacuum generator VN-10-H-T3-PQ2-VQ2-RO1-B ; 532640

Can be used directly in the work space Cost-effective Maintenance-free operation and reduced noise level through an integrated, open muffler With solenoid valve
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Festo Vacuum gauge FVAM-40-V1/0-G1/8-EN ; 537812

Designs based on DIN EN 837-1, with optional red-green range Pneumatic connection via R or G thread Double or single scale Display units bar, in Hg, psi
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Festo Vacuum filter VAF-PK-3 ; 535883

Vacuum filter ESF: for suction gripper ESG Vacuum filter VAF: with transparent housing or bowl to allow users to assess contamination level Vacuum filter OAFF: for
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