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Festo Piping system PQ-AL-28X1,5X3000 ; 194593

Aluminum tube for compressed air, vacuum and liquids. Rigid aluminum pipe Smooth inside wall ensures optimum flow conditions Operating media: compressed air, vacuum,

Festo Quick connector ACK-1/4-PK-6 ; 3712

Quick connector ACK-1/4-PK-6 Bulkhead quick connector Sealing cap for plastic tube fittings and barbed fittings Multiple distributor Union nut for CK tube fitting
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Festo Barb tubing fitting C-1/8-P-6 ; 2021

Barb tubing fitting C-1/8-P-6 Barbed hose fitting with or without sealing ring Tubing clip to DIN 3017 Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass or aluminum,
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Festo Barbed T-connector T-PK-6 ; 150015

Straight shape, T-shape, L-shape, Y-shape Operating medium compressed air, vacuum Brass, POM, aluminum, or stainless steel
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Festo Blanking plug B-1/4 ; 3569

Blanking plug B-1/4 Aluminum, stainless steel With sealing ring
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Festo Plastic tubing PU-9-SW

Festo plastično crevo Plastic tubing PU-9-SW, opšta primena.
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Festo Quick coupling socket KD4-3/8-I ; 531637

Festo brza spojka Quick Coupling KD4-3/8-I opšta primena
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Festo Quick coupling plug KS4-3/8-I ; 531679

Festo brza spojka Quick coupling plug KS4-3/8-I
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Festo Elbow click fitting NPKA-L-G18-Q6-P10 ; 1655429

POM, polyamide 66 Quick and simple tube installation using one hand Completely plastic Food-safe, see -> "Certificates" tab Operating
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Festo Push-in L-fitting QSL-G1/4-12; 186351

Push-in L-fitting QSL-G1/4-12; 186351
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Festo Push-in fitting QS-G1/8-8-I ; 186109

Push-in fitting QS-G1/8-8-I ; 186109
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Festo Quick coupling socket KD4-1/2-A ; 2145

Quick coupling socket KD4-1/2-A One or two-side blocking quick coupling to ISO 4414. KD4-1/2-A Part no. 2145 Nickel-plated brass, PP Quick coupling for standard
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Festo Barb fitting N-M5-PK-3 ; 4446

Barb fitting N-M5-PK-3 ; 4446
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Festo Double nipple NPFC-D-2G38-M ; 8030275

Double nipple NPFC-D-2G38-M ; 8030275
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Festo Quick connector CK-1/8-PK-6 ; 2028

Festo Quick connector CK-1/8-PK-6
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