LOGO! - Siemens logic module

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LOGO! - Siemens logic module

Logic module LOGO!
Simply ingenious for small automation tasks

Siemens LOGO! 24RCE, 8DI/4DO, 400 Blocks; 6ED1052-1HB08-0BA1

LOGO! 24RCE, logic module,display PS/I/O: 24V AC/DC 24V/relay, 8 DI/4 DQ, memory 400 blocks, modular expandable, Ethernet, integrated web server, data log, user-defined
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LOGO! - Siemens logic module

Logic module LOGO!
Simply ingenious for small automation tasks
Easy installation, minimal wiring, convenient programming:
LOGO! 8, the small controller from Siemens, allows for the quick implementation of basic automation projects. You save space in the control cabinet and can easily
implement functions, such as timer switch, timer relay, counter and auxiliary relay with the LOGO! logic module

LOGO! at a glance
The LOGO! series includes eight basic devices for all common voltages with or without display. The display shows message texts and the background lighting that is
available in white, orange and red offers many options for visual highlighting, such as for alarm states.
All devices of the LOGO! 8 series have one Ethernet port and can be connected to any previous version.
The maximum configuration for one basic device includes 24 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs and 8 analog inputs and outputs each. If you need more inputs and outputs,
you can connect additional basic devices via the Ethernet port. Data exchange in LOGO! Soft Comfort is programmed via Drag & Drop.
Engineered with LOGO! Soft Comfort
In addition to the usual operation in single mode, LOGO! Soft Comfort engineering software offers easy operation in network mode. Automatic configuration of the
communication with visual representation in the network view, call of up to three programs side by side, and easy transfer of signals from one program to another with Drag
& Drop are only some of the many convenient options. Programs from previous versions can be integrated without any problems.
Integrated web server
Users need no HTML expertise to use the LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) to create application-specific web pages with their own images and icons. Users can configure the
web server to control automation components via mobile devices. The web server is integrated into all basic devices for monitoring and control with LOGO! via WLAN and
Internet. The web server is protected by a password and is suitable for all common browsers.
Versatile communication
The Ethernet port of the basic devices enables communication of the LOGO! modules with each other and with all SIMATIC S7 systems.
Modbus TCP/IP is an additional communication protocol for LOGO! 8. LOGO! can be a client or server in this case.
With LOGO! CMR you can receive status information and alarms of the LOGO! station via text message or email with your smartphone or tablet. Secure remote access via
https or Open VPN using the wireless network allows for configuration changes and diagnostics on the web server of the LOGO! CMR as well as on LOGO! 8. Locating
services via GPS can be used, for example, for low-price container tracking. The position is signaled to the LOGO! basic module or to a control room via text message or
With the LOGO! CMK2000 communications module, LOGO! 8 can be used as an intelligent controller in the KNX system. The time and date synchronization is possible as
master or slave in networked systems.
Cloud connectivity
The latest logic module series, LOGO! 8.3, is offered with direct cloud connectivity. Users can activate and configure a cloud connection with LOGO!. Through live access,
the cloud provides access to the collective data during ongoing operation. LOGO! 8.3 can also be used as cloud gateway for existing systems. This means you can, for
example, export data to the cloud for which the memory in the controller is limited. The dashboard for the cloud data is created with LOGO! Web Editor and can be hosted
directly in the cloud. The web app created can be opened with a smartphone, tablet or PC. The encrypted connection from the cloud to LOGO! 8.3 via TLS protocol ensures
secure transfer of data in both directions, that is, writing and reading.
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