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Festo Electric actuator ESBF-BS-100-100-20P ; 574118

Up to 17 kN dynamic forward force: the extremely powerful electric cylinder ESBF shines wherever heavy-duty, reliable positioning is required together with precision
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Festo Rotary actuator ERMO-16-ST-E ; 3008526

ERMO-16-ST-E Part no. 3008526 Electric rotary actuator with stepper motor and built-in gearbox ServoLite – closed-loop operation with encoder Heavy-duty bearing
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Festo Stopper cylinder EFSD-100-PV-M12 ; 2942447

Gentle stopping made easy: You can use the electric stopper for conveyed goods weighing between 0.25 and 100 kg without an additional motor controller by connecting
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Festo Rotary/lifting module EHMB-32-100 ; 1098558

Highly dynamic and extremely compact: the complete handling unit EHMB combines rotational and linear movement. Both movements can be positioned independently of
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